Illustration has moved a million miles in the last 20+ years
In the old days (pre 2000) we’d take a pen, pencil or brush and and create the next Michelangelo

Nowadays, with the advent of modern technology we can replicate almost every illustrative style
on the screen, be it watercolour, oils or even a modern master in the style of
Joan Miró, a Spanish master born in 1893…We recreated his style for a Spanish Airline Co.

We still work with ‘traditional’ illustrators who understand the nuances of how a good illustration should look
For say, a proposed property development that hasn’t even had a brick laid yet…
or a stylised version of a set of images for a leading national bank.

Yellow Jersey can also do the more technical style illustration that without the aid of
CGI would be impossible. 3-D animation and technical illustration encompass
much of this type of work and we’re very happy to show you samples that will fit your brief.