Web Design & Implementation

The Rabbits hole that is the Web!

Web Design & Creation, we could write a book on it, no in fact two!
There are so many facets now for web creation, the days of a client saying ‘I just want a website’ have long since past!
Above on the scroll are ‘just some’ of the many, many parts that go into having a web presence now.
We appreciate that many of these things won’t mean a ‘scooby doo’ to you or if you actually require them?

Our way of progressing things is to have a initial meeting and find out ‘why you think you need a website’
sometimes it might just not be sensible (rare), we’ll then go away and come back with a brief on what we would recommend.
We’ll then sit down and go through what we propose doing and what the benefits are for you…
…many of which you’ll not even realise about until we have the explained them to you!

Yellow Jersey can fulfil all your web presence requirements
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