Photography & Video

Our photographer who we affectionally call ‘Digi-Dave’ has done enough photo-shoots to sink a battleship!

The Carousel above is just a very small selection of what we get asked to do.
To see some larger versions of the images just click on them.

Almost all our photography is part of a media project we have undertaken, so, for instance it might be…
Going round London on the back of a motorbike shooting a range of coaches at famous landmarks,
shooting a range of wedding dresses that are available to hire, or, which is quite common,
a range of ‘head and shoulder’ shots for a corporate website or brochure so they all look the same!

¬†Yellow Jersey also undertake a considerable amount of ‘pack shot’ work that we shoot under the exact
same lighting etc so every shot, no matter when it is added to a website, still retains the same feel.

More and more we are also asked to add ‘video’ to one of the site we are doing
so please ask for a demonstration or sample of how this can work for you.

…we could go on for ages about how wonderful Dave is, but the truth is Dave get things done
No ‘Prima Donna’ problems – he’ll just do the job, get it done and importantly for you ‘On budget’

If you have any questions for Dave or would like to book in a shoot email him on the below